Freedom from the shell
Freedom from the shell


Private facilitation is a time for you to rest and inquire in a safe and open space. The situation or subject that you want to look at can be anything that arises in everyday life, or if you prefer, not so everyday situations. Whether it´s specific, such as; a conflict in a relationship or troubles at work, feelings of anxiety or depression, some memory from the past or worries of the future, or deeper topics like death or God. All is welcome in inquiry.

If you don`t have anything particular in mind, but you are curious to look at what it is that you call ‘yourself’, we are happy to support you in that too.

Depending on what you want to look at, the facilitation deals with something that you assume to be true. The thing that you want to look at can be something that you consciously believe in and want to inquiry into now, or it can be something that you aren`t aware of but it is reflecting though your environment. In that case, some subject or situation that you want to look at can lead to some underlying beliefs that have previously been hidden. With the help of facilitation, these previously hidden beliefs are possible to bring to the surface and make visible. After that, the truth of these beliefs can be consciously inquired into.

In facilitation the inquiry is always a process where there is no push, unless you wish for that. The body plays an important role by showing and guiding. You start by telling what is real to you in that moment. All kinds of emotions, thoughts and sensations can arise and they are all welcome. Gently the attention will be put on what is being experienced and is allowed to be felt fully. By giving attention to what is arising, and with the help of some simple questions and the capacity to notice, an effortless unravelling happens. The things that have been true to you will loosen their emotional and mental grip and freedom will arise. These beliefs will then stop affecting your life.

If you are interested in A Course in Miracles, let us know and we will take that into consideration during the session.

If you have any questions about facilitation, feel free to contact us.

If inquiry is somewhat familiar to you and you would like to learn to do it by yourself, we are happy to support you in that too.

If you don`t want to have an inquiry, but feel like talking to someone or being with someone, we are here for that too.

Facilitations are always confidential. You can book a time with Luke or Sanna. Sessions are via Skype or Zoom and generally last between 60-90 minutes. A single facilitation fee is on a sliding scale between 65-95 €. Please choose the point on the scale which most accurately reflects your financial circumstances and ability to pay. If you are in genuine financial hardship and unable to afford the full fee scale, we may be able to offer a reduced rate. Please contact one of us for more details. If you are interested in having several sessions, we do packages as well. In that situation also, please contact one of us for more details.

Freedom from the shell

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