My own path in breaking beliefs got a big push while I was travelling in Australia. I drifted into a situation where I was ready, step by step, to question everything. It was wild to be in a situation where things that I assumed to be obvious started breaking down. This crumbling of ideas, which were familiar and real to me, was scary but also extremely liberating. The more I was ready to look, the more that was revealed. Life is indeed much more amazing than what it seems to be on the surface.

During this process of breaking beliefs, one of the startling things I noticed was how seriously I had believed in myself. I had innocently and blindly believed every thought that moved in my mind. To become aware of that changed everything. Moment by moment I started to inquire into all that I was thinking, as well as questioning all that others were saying. In addition to this, I became more open to other kinds of perspectives; and what is important, I was also ready to observe everything as if aside. By observing from aside, one gets the opportunity to see things in a wider way.

Later my understanding about breaking beliefs has grown even more. It is important to know that some of our held beliefs are unconscious and therefore we are not aware of them. We hide these beliefs from our self until we are ready to look at them. We deny and project outward these beliefs because they often have painful meaning and we don`t want to face the feeling that come with that meaning. In general, unconscious beliefs are reflected in life through our environment. Also the feelings in the body are sometimes telling about some unconscious belief. By recognizing this, then observing the body and environment, it´s possible to bring them to the surface and make visible. After that, the truth of the beliefs can be consciously inquired into.

I am thankful for all the support that I have received along the way from others during this process. I am really thankful for my husband, Luke, whose warm presence and guidance has helped me to see and be free. Breaking beliefs isn´t always nice. Through my own experience I know how meaningful others support can be. I am glad that I have the possibility to support others in this beautiful, sometimes rough but extremely liberating process.

As a facilitator I want to enable an open and safe environment where it´s possible to look at all things, including those that feel hard too. My way of approach is gentle and the inquiries always move forward with the wish of the inquirer. I get inspiration from ´The Living Inquiries´ and ´A Course In Miracles´.


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