Freedom from the shell
Freedom from the shell
Sanna Suutari


I started to ponder life more deeply when I was travelling in Australia. I had drifted into a situation where I started to question the reality of who I am and wondered what this life is all about. It was wild to be in a situation where things I assumed to be obvious started breaking down. This crumbling of ideas, which were familiar and real to me, was scary but also extremely liberating. The more I was ready to look, the more that was revealed. Life is indeed much more amazing than what it seems to be on the surface.

In Australia, one of the startling things I noticed was how seriously I had believed in myself. I had innocently and blindly believed every thought that moved in my mind. Nowadays I know that not all the thoughts that move in my mind are real. Thoughts get their power when you believe in them. In addition to inquiring into my thoughts, I also learned to listen to the feelings that appeared in my body. I learned how important it is to face all the emotions and that it is possible to pull through even from the hard ones.

Later I have learned more about emotions. Emotions are like messengers. Some emotions that appear in our body originate from the thoughts that we believe in this moment. We can be aware of these thoughts or they can be unconscious. When thoughts are unconscious they are reflecting through our environment. So, our body is telling us through the environment, which beliefs we are unconsciously believing in. I have recognized that unconscious beliefs especially are often the cause of suffering. Luckily, it’s possible to become aware of these beliefs as well and then inquire into them. Often the thoughts that cause suffering are related to beliefs about our self.

Sometimes the environment and the feelings that arise in our body might also tell us about an earlier experience of life. This will happen when some everyday life situation is unconsciously mirroring this old experience to us. Some of these old experiences have been unpleasant and even traumatic. Traumatic experiences are related to unpleasant feelings that we haven’t wanted to face in that moment and have therefore denied. Through my own experience I have learned that when facing these unpleasant feelings, the memory of the earlier trauma can rise to the surface into awareness freeing one from its effect. It is even possible to gently inquire into sickness in the body and to be healed from the memories and beliefs that are in the background.

After the trip in Australia I got to know A Course in Miracles. A Course in Miracles has given me the understanding of why guilt has such a big power. I have understood the effects of unconscious guilt and how to be healed from that guilt.

As well as A Course in Miracles, I have gotten to know a method called Self inquiry. This method is gentle and really good for inquiring into beliefs about oneself. With the help of this method, it is possible to bring beliefs that have previously been unconscious into awareness and then consciously inquire into them. It is also possible to use this method to be free and healed from the effect of those traumatic memories and beliefs I mentioned earlier.

Nowadays I also want to support others to be free and healed. Through my own experience I know how meaningful other’s support can be. As a facilitator I want to enable an open and safe environment where it´s possible to look at all things, including those that feel hard too.

Freedom from the shell

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