Freedom from the shell
Freedom from the shell


At times we all hurt.

Maybe it’s loss, anger or fear. Something still haunts us from the past or there is worry for the future.  We feel a sense of lack, of not being good enough or not being loved. The list here seems endless…

Our usual ways of dealing with this is two fold. We turn away, distract, escape. Or we try to think our way out. Although these avenues can work temporarily, we rarely find a permanent and satisfying solution. But there is another way.

Self inquiry asks the question ‘what is actually here?’.

It’s a gentle method of observation and inquiry into the often unconscious thoughts and associated feelings we have about ourselves, other and our place in the world. It’s approach is neither with force (in fact it’s effortless) nor does it seek to change what arises in the moment.

Just to simply be with what is here.

In this space we often find a change of perspective that brings understand, compassion and insight. There is no authority or advice given, no move to make you better. Just an invitation, and a loving hand to hold.


Freedom from the shell

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